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Manufacturer: Linear
Linear AM-RRR Remote Radio Receiver
Linear AM-RRR Remote Radio Receiver

Linear AM-RRR Remote Radio Receiver

The Model AM-RRR Remote Radio Receiver is designed for use with Linear's access control systems. The AM-RRR functions as a remote device that extends the radio range or supplies localized radio reception.

Linear AM-RRR Remote Radio Receiver Manual

Three antenna types can be used with this receiver. The cabinet mounted type F connector is for connection to the antenna. The local whip antenna (supplied) screws directly on to the receiver's connector. The directional (EXA-2000) and omni-directional (EXA-1000) remote antennas wire to the receiver's antenna connector with type RG-59 cable.

An on-board RADIO RANGE knob allows adjustment of the receiver's gain. It can be set to limit the maximum radio range that the receiver can achieve. Two indicators display the receivers performance and operation. The two color red/green STATUS indicator lights red when the receiver is getting DC power and turns green when access is granted to a transmitter. The RADIO indicator lights when the receiver detects a radio signal. It can be used for trouble shooting and verifying system performance. Receiver test points are provided for listening to the incoming signals.

  • Indicator: Red/green LED turns red for DC power from controller, turns green when access is granted to a transmitter; radio LED lights when the receiver detects a radio signal
  • Gain Adjustment: Radio range knob for setting maximum radio range
  • Antennas: 9-1/2" whip antenna with F-connector (supplied); optional remote directional EXA-2000 or remote omni-directional EXA-1000 antenna, wiring with type RG-59 cable to receiver's connector
  • Wiring: up to 300 feet with 24 AWG, 500 feet with 20 AWG
  • Frequency: 318 MHz
  • Power: Supplied by access controller
  • Dimensions: 4.25" W x 6.25" H x 2.5" D (without antenna)
Price: $159.00

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