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Manufacturer: Linear
Linear MDTK Wireless Keypad
Linear MDTK Wireless Keypad

Linear MDTK Wireless Keypad

The Linear MDTK wireless keypad transmitter it's a MegaCode FULLY compatible wireless radio control. This device's MegaCode radio format, grants you to have an incomparable level of security providing you with more than 1 million achievable codes.

Linear MDTK Manual

One of the most prominent features of this wireless keypad radio controller, is that when you enter your unique PIN and press the START / STOP button to open or close the door / gate opener, it allows you, for the next 30 seconds, to re-activated the door / gate opener again by just pushing the START / STOP button. This gives you more adjusting ability in case you need to reverse or stop the opener promptly without having to re-enter a PIN number.


  • Covered to protect against outdoor weather conditions
  • Back-lighted keypad for night time operation
  • Operating Frequency: 318 MHz
  • Can activate multiple MegaCode receivers
  • User defined code, 1 to 6 digit PIN number or 1 to 6 letter PIN name
  • Basic and Easy setup; MegaCode receiver auto-learns PIN
  • Dimensions: 7.5 x 2.5 x .875 inches
  • Power: 9v Battery
  • Compatible with Linear Mega Code Receivers: LIN-MDR, LIN-MDR2, LIN-MDRG, LIN-MDRM, LIN-SMDR
  • Smart Button coding
Price: $19.50

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