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Manufacturer: Liftmaster
Liftmaster Megaarm Tower Simple Parking System With Token Machine Exit
Liftmaster Megaarm Tower Simple Parking System With Token Machine Exit

Simple Parking System With Token Machine Exit

This package includes:
  • 1 Liftmaster Mega Arm Tower Parking Barrier Gate Operator (#MASTDCBB3)
  • 1 Aluminum 12 Foot Boom with white / red Stripes
  • 2 DCS-MA004 12V Back-Up Batteries.
  • 3 Saw Cut Loops Loop 3"x6" ( Safety & Exit )
  • 2 Universal Voltage Loop Detector 9VDC - 220VAC
  • 2 EMX 11 Pin Loop Harness
  • 4 Tubes Q Seal 290S Sealant
  • 1 Photo-Electric Safety Sensor
  • 2 Liftmaster 811LM Remote Control Transmitters
  • 1 LAN60 Token Operated Control System
  • 100 Tokens for LAN60

Liftmaster MegaArm Tower 12' Boom Kit

This Package features the Liftmaster Mega Arm Tower Commercial Duty Parking Gate Operator and Includes 12 Foot Boom with white / red Stripes and Two Batteries for Back-Up.

Liftmaster Mega Arm Manual

Liftmaster Mega Arm Specs

Liftmaster MegaArm Parts Diagram

3x6 Saw Cut Safety Loops & Exit Loop

3 x 6 Saw Cut Style Loop With 20' Lead. Features a non spliced, continuous wire throughout loop turns and lead-in.

EMX Universal Voltage Loop Detector

EMP MVP Universal voltage loop detector 9VDC - 220VAC for all gate operators up to 220VAC.

EMX Loop Dectector Manual

EMX Loop Harness

EMX Eleven Pin Harness For All Safety / Exit Loops & Loop Detectors.

EMX Loop Harness Manual

Loop Q Sealant 290S

This Loop sealant Q290S is to seal loop detectors with a thixotropic moisture curing polyurethane sealant. Can be used with asphalt and concrete pavement to provide a chemical and weather resistant seal. 30 Oz. of a quality loop sealant. Features excellent resistance to de-icing salts, gasloline, hydraulic brake fluid, motor oil and sodium chloride!

Photo-Electric Safety Sensor

Black Photo-Electric safety Sensor, 30 Foot Range, AC/DC, Weather-proof. Bracket and Reflector included. Only need to wire one side!

Photo Beam Manual

LAN60 Token Operated Control Parking System

The LAN60 is a token operated control system which enables an automatic entrance to be automatically opened one time only by inserting a coded print token in the token slot provided.

Lan60 Manual

Lan60 Specs sheet

LAN60K Marked Token for LAN60 Token Operated Control Parking System

The LAN60K is a token for the LAN60 Token operated exit control system. This coded print token is deposited in the token slot provided by the LAN60 machine.

Price: $3,194.00

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