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Manufacturer: EMX
Vehicle Loop Detector 12V/DC
Vehicle Loop Detector 12V/DC

Vehicle Loop Detector 12V/DC

The D-TEK vehicle loop detector was designed for easy installation and operation. It provides maximum surge protection on all inputs and outputs of the detector.

The New DTEK Vehicle Loop Detector was designed with the following objectives in mind...• Allows for easy installation into small operator housings.• All the controls must be accessible for easy installation and operation.• Detector must operate reliably with marginal loops.• Provide all the features and controls necessary for a variety of applications.• Use four layer board for maximum durability and RF blocking.• Provide maximum surge protection on all inputs and outputs of the detector.


• Loop Diagnostics
• Loop Isolation Transformer
• Loop Conditioner
• Aluminum RF Shield Housing
• Surge Protection
• Loop Frequency Counter
• 10 Gold Plated Sensitivity Controls
• 8 Gold Plated Function Controls
• 6 Gold Plated Controls for Frequency, Reset & Frequency Counter
• Two High Intensity LED Indicators
• 2 relays realy 2 is pulse or presence


Technical Specifications:
Power: The detector is available in the following voltages, 12 V AC/DC, 24V AC, 24V DC, 110V AC, 220V AC. Maximum current draw 100mA
Low Power: Detector is available with maximum current draw of 60mA
Temperature: -40F to + 180F
Environmental Protection: Circuit board is conformally coated

Extruded anodized aluminum,
Height = 3.25 inches 83 mm - Width = 2.56 inches 40 mm - Depth = 3.65 inches 90 mm

Output Relays: 5A/125 V AC standard version, 1A/125 V AC low current version
Connector: 86CP11 compatible with 11pin Octal DIN rail mountable socket or wire harness
Surge Protection: The detector is protected with neon discharge lamps, zenner diodes and surge arrestors
Loop Input: Transformer isolated
Grounded Loop: The loop isolation transformer allows operation with poor quality loops
Loop Inductance Range: 20 to 2000 microhenries with Q factor of 5 or higher
Tuning: Detector automatically tracks and compensates for environmental changes
Tracking: Detector automatically tracks and compensates for environmental changes
Power Indicator: Green LED solid light indicates power
Loop Failure Indicator: Green LED blinks indicating loop problem
Loop Failure Memory: Green LED blinks with fast consecutive blinks indicates past loop problem that healed
Detect Indicator: Red LED solid light indicates detection
Extend Indicator: Red LED blinks after a car left the loop indicates time extend feature
Sensitivity: Is set by 10 position rotary switch
Frequency: Is set by three position toggle switch
Infinite Presence Mode: DIP switch selectable presence
Limited 4 Minutes: DIP switch selectable presence
Presence Time: DIP switch selectable
Second Presence Relay: DIP switch selectable
Pulse On Exit / Entry: DIP switch selectable
Fail Sale / Secure: DIP switch selectable
Filter: DIP switch selectable 2 seconds
Extended Detection: DIP switch selectable 3, 6 and 9 seconds
EMX Eleven Pin Harness No EMX Eleven Pin Harness
1 EMX Eleven Pin Harness (+$8.00)
List Price: $139.00
Price: $99.00

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