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Manufacturer: Elite
Elite Icon 26HT1000 Telephone Entry System Package
Elite Icon 26HT1000 Telephone Entry System Package

Elite Icon 26HT1000 Telephone Entry System Package

The Elite Icon 26HT1000 package is a premium telephone entry/access control system. Engineered to provide safe, convenient access for residents and guests, the system also offers added expandability and programming simplicity for installers and property managers.

Elite Icon 26HT1000 Available Packages

The Elite Icon 26HT1000 Packages include the Elite Icon 26 telephone entry unit, 1000 tenant memory card, internal modem, elitepro software and communicator card.

Featuring a high-resolution, 10" LCD screen, the unit is easily readable in all light conditions, including direct sunlight. This, combined with its capability to operate in high temperatures (up to 165° F) makes this system an excellent choice for virtually any multi-tenant location.

The Icon 26HT1000 also includes a long list of built-in and exclusive features such as a scrollable directory, optional camera capability, audio "help" assistance and a patented "double box" design for easier programming. Plus, the system is fully expandable to control up to 31 remote locations with 32 programmable user groups and 32 programmable 7-day timer templates.

Elite Icon 26HT1000 Manual
Elite Icon 26HT1000 Installation

  • High-Resolution, 10" LCD Screen
  • Voice-Guided Assistance
  • Double Box Design
  • Built-In Power Backup / Surge Protection
  • Two Slots for Memory Cards
  • High-Quality Digital Communication System with Active Noise Filtering
  • History Buffer of up to 8,000 Transactions
  • Programmable "Unlisted Resident" Feature
  • 6-Digit Resident Keycode Access
  • 3-Digit Resident Dialing
  • User-Friendly Local Programming Via Built-In Keyboard Eliminates Need for User Manual
  • Two Independent 7-Day Timers Per Relay Output for Door and Gate Control
  • Postal Lock Ready
  • "Exit Switch" Ready

**Please click on "ASK A PRODUCT RELATED QUESTION" below if you need assistance choosing the proper Elite Icon 26HT1000 package.**

Price: Please call for special pricing (800) 730-8382

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