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Manufacturer: Eagle
Eagle 2000 1HP Commercial Duty Slide Gate Operator
Eagle 2000 1HP Commercial Duty Slide Gate Operator

Eagle 2000 1HP Commercial Duty Slide Gate Operator

This item is discontinued. Please see model Eagle 2000 DM as a possible alternative.

Eagle 2000 1HP Commercial Slide Gate Operator. Can operate gates up to 45' long and 2000 lbs at a traveling speed of 12" per second.

Eagle 2000 Specs

Eagle 2000 Manual

-Dimensions: 17" (W) x 17.5' (D) x 25.5' (H)
-Shipping Weight: 125 lbs
-Gate Travel speed : 12" per second
-Capabilities:45' and 2000 lbs
-Cycles: 45 cycles
-Power Supply: 2 - 1/2 HP, 115 VAC at 60HZ
-Warranty: 5 years commercial use, 7 year Single home use
BR /> The Eagle-2000 series is the premiere line of commercial sliding gate operators for Eagle Access Controls. The Eagle-2000 combines smooth and quiet operation with the power and durability necessary for commercial applications. All of the models within this series are manufactured in the USA with dedication to safety, precision performance, and highly durable construction. Eagle Access Controls uses the latest in technology to provide you with the safes and most efficient operator for your money. For starters, there is the 1/2 HP Eagle-2000-FSF or FSC models. These operators use either the Fail Safe system (which in case of a power outrage allows you to easily push open the gate manually) or the Fail Secure system (which utilizes a supplied crank to open the gate in the event of a power failure). Both models are strong and dependable operators that are ideally suited for heavy-duty commercial and industrial applications.

Another operator in the series is the specially designed Eagle-2000-DM. This operator is the answer to high traffic commercial demands. Its dual motors uniquely work together, as one motor opens the gate and the other motor closes it. The DM model performs exceptionally at commercial properties and large gated communities. Last but certainly not least is the Eagle-2000-1HP. This model is the workhorse of the Eagle-2000 series and is out answer to heavy weight gates. This unit, with its continuous motors, will easily handle the load and cycle demands of heavy commercial gates. Eagle-2000-1HP Specs: Dimensions 17" (W) x 17.5' (D) x 25.5' (H), Shipping Weight 125 lbs., Gate Travel speed = 12" per second, Capabilities 45' and 2000 lbs., daily cycles = 45 cycles, Power Supply 2 - 1/2 HP, 115 VAC at 60HZ, Warranty 5 years commercial use, 7 year Single home use.

Slave and Master Operation: The Eagle Diamond Control Board uses a unique Master/Slave system that requires only two wires. In addition the Diamond board has global inputs. These inputs give the installer the option to connect accessories to the Maser or to the Slave. Another stand out feature on the Diamond board is the ""open and close delay."" This function is easily selected on the Slave board.

eagle2000 1/2hp .5hp 2000 eagle-2000

Price: $1,652.00
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