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Manufacturer: Eagle
Eagle 200 1/2 HP Commercial Duty Swing Gate Operator
Eagle 200 1/2 HP Commercial Duty Swing Gate Operator

Eagle 200 1/2 HP Commercial Duty Swing Gate Operator

The Eagle 200 commercial Swing Gate Operator is a 1/2 HP Commercial Swing Gate Operator which can operate a gate up to 20 ft. long and weighting 1000 lbs.

Eagle 200 PDF Manual

The Eagle 200 series is the premiere line of commercial sliding gate operators for Eagle Access Controls. The Eagle-200 combines smooth and quiet operation with the power and durability necessary for commercial applications. The models within this series are manufactured in the USA with dedication to safety, precision performance, and highly durable construction. Eagle Access Controls uses the latest in technology to provide you with the safes and most efficient operator for your money. The Eagle-200 series models are strong and dependable operators that are ideally suited foe commercial and industrial applications. The Eagle-200 1/2 HP model is driven by a quiet and powerful 1/2 Horsepower motor, it can operates gates up to 20' long and weighting 1000 lbs.

The Eagle Diamond Control Board uses a unique Master/Slave system that requires only two wires. In addition the Diamond board has global inputs. These inputs give the installer the option to connect accessories to the Maser or to the Slave. Another stand out feature on the Diamond board is the "open and close delay." This function is easily selected on the Slave board.
Price: $1,493.00

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