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Manufacturer: Boon Edam - Tomsed
Boon Edam / Tomsed Waist High Electrical Turnstile TUT50R
Boon Edam / Tomsed Waist High Electrical Turnstile  TUT50R

Model TUT50R Waist High Electrical Access Control & Security Turnstile

This Item Is Discontinued. Please see model FAS-TRIL100 as a possible alternative.

Universal Entry-Gard Registering turnstile designed for admissions and crowd control. This registering turnstile automatically counts persons passing through. One or two-way operation.

Self-centering mechanism cushioned by hydraulic shock absorber always returns arms to basic position. Mechanism and bolts concealed by stainless steel cover and safety panel. Finish is rust and wear resistant black textured powder coating. Mechanism housing and pedestal fabricated from 3 / 16" thick carbon steel. Portable model with platform and railing (shown in above picture) allows freestanding operation.

  • Complete Stainless Steel - Stainless steel housing and pedestal. (TUT-50RS) (Optional)
  • Portable Feature - Platform and stainless steel railing. (Optional)
  • Non-registering - Turnstile without counter for crowd control. (Optional)
  • Extended Arms - Extended arm to allow extra passage space. (Optional)
  • Rotation Detection Switch - Provides a Form "C" contact closure for remote counting and monitoring of turnstile rotations. (Optional)
  • Free or Locked Exit - Exit always locked or always free rotating. (Standard Feature)
  • Resettable Counter - Ability to reset counter, access under cover with key. (Optional, instead of standard non-resettable counter, no additional cost)
  • Arm Cover - Heavy duty foam sleeves to cover steel arms. (Optional)
  • Color of Choice - Powder coated to color of choice with RAL color reference. (Optional)
  • Hand Control - Spring loaded knob to allow temporary locking of turnstile. (Optional)
  • Out-of-use Lock - Mechanical key lock to allow locking of turnstile when not in use. (Optional)
  • Turnstile Cover - Canvas cover to protect turnstile during periods of heavy rain or non-use. (Optional)
  • Key Lock - Mechanical key lock to lock and unlock individual direction of rotation. (Optional)
  • Second Counter - Additional counter to allow independent count in the opposite direction. (Optional)
  • Wheels to allow easy movement of portable turnstile. (Optional)
Price: Please call for special pricing (800) 730-8382
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