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Manufacturer: Apollo-Nice
Apollo 936i Vehicular Gate Control Board
Apollo 936i Vehicular Gate Control Board
  • Description

Apollo 936i Vehicular Gate Control Board

This item is discontinued. Please see model 936US as a possible alternative.

Replaces the 835 & 836.

The 936i control board is housed in a protective plastic enclosure that includes two 7-segment LEDs, five dedicated programming buttons and three buttons for navigation of the setup and programming menus. Connectors for power, input and output peripherals are arranged around the edges of the board and clearly labeled. A plug-in connector is provided for direct installation of a Nice-brand receiver which can be associated with up to 1000 remote controls. An RJ-11 jack offers a connection to an optional O-view programmer with optional Bluetooth and GSM modules which may be used to control the gate with a telephone, smartphone, or PC. Connectors for other Nice-brand plug-in accessories include the 2-wire Bluebus photocells for entrapment protection. Dry contact inputs are provided for loop, probe, and photoelectric detectors as well as edge sensors, guard station inputs, and fire department control . Voltage outputs (+12VDC and +24VDC) are available to power other safety and entrapment-prevention devices, along with a solenoid lock output.

The 936i control board accepts DC input voltage ranging from +10VDC to +35VDC with input polarity protection on the main input and the solar charge input. All settings are stored in non-volatile memory that is protected from power outages. Gate operating speed, acceleration, and soft-start settings may be customized as required by the installer. Built-in current sensing provides inherent gate force monitoring and limiting for safety. The "Learn" function helps the gate installer configure the 936i control board semi-automatically for optimum settings of gate opening and closing speeds.

Apollo 936i Vehicular Gate Control Board

  • Inputs for Battery and solar panels
  • Motor outputs for two motors.
  • Low power consumption in stand-by mode.
  • Built-in charge regulator to maintain battery charge.
  • Easy setup with 7-segment LEDs and dedicated buttons.
  • Setup and learning stored in o n b oard memory
  • Digital programming for auto-close timing, force, speed, and opening delay.
  • On-board buttons for operating the gate (Open, Close, Stop)
  • Inputs for guard station, additional third party receivers, loop detectors, Fire, and UL/Edge signals.
  • Two programmable outputs.
  • Surge suppression on every peripheral input and output, up to 1200A.
  • Bluebus port for Nice se lf-monitored, entrapment protection devices.
  • USB port and boo t loader for easy software updates.
  • Motor bypass connectors for rapid troubleshooting an actuator and positioning a gate.

Apollo 936i Vehicular Gate Control Board Manuals

Apollo 936i Manual

Apollo 936i QuickStart
Price: $350.00
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