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16111 Car Stop 6' Park-It Car Stop Striped Yellow
16111 Car Stop 6' Park-It Car Stop Striped Yellow

16111 Car Stop 6' Park-It Car Stop Striped Yellow

The rubber car stop parking curb is used to effectively guide cars when pulling into a parking stall. It is profiled at 4" high, safeguarding potential damage to today's low, front end car designs. They are more resistant than concrete or plastic curbs.

Unlike concrete or plastic, which necessitate frequent replacements, recycled rubber car stops are safer and more durable. In-molded highway reflective tape (available in yellow or white) ensures visibility and pedestrian safety. The 16111 car stop parking curb is constructed of 100% recycled rubber.

The car stop comes with pre-molded holes and can be shipped with anchoring spikes or lag bolts for installation. They are lightweight (34 lbs. for a 6' car stop) and flexible; conforming to the contour of uneven road surfaces.

The car stops are available in 6' lengths and are covered by a 3 year warranty; 1 year on the tape (under normal use).

16111 Car Stop 6' Park-It Car Stop Striped Yellow Specs:

  1. Material: compression molded composite of the 100% recycled rubber and polyurethane prepolymer
  2. Physical properties of the rubber composite:
    • Density 0.6 oz/cu in (ASTM C642)
    • Durometer Hardness 65A 7 (ASTM D2240)
    • Tensile Strength* minimum 210 psi (ASTM D412) (* main structural areas)
    • Compression deformation 10% at 70psi, 68F (ASTM D575)
    • Brittleness at Low temperature: -40F (ASTM D746)
    • Freeze and thaw when exposed to deicing chemicals (ASTM C672)
    • Coefficient of thermal expansion 8 x10-5 in/in/F (ASTM C531)
    • Weathering 70 hours at 158F (ASTM D573)
      • hardness retained 100% ( 5%)
      • compressive strength 100% ( 5%)
      • tensile strength 100% ( 5%)
      • elongation retained 100% ( 5%)
  3. Available models: 6' lengths
  4. Finishing: Black with in-molded reflective pavement marking tape in yellow, blue or white parallelograms

16111 Car Stop 6' Park-It Car Stop Striped Yellow Dimensions:

  1. (L) 6' x (W) 6" x (H) 4" - 34 lbs.
Price: Please call for special pricing (800) 730-8382
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