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Wholesale Parking System (WPS) is an international distributor of parking system equipment including: Gate Operators, Access Control, Parking Control, CCTV/Surveillance & Equipment. All customers, big and small, receive first class service & pricing. Wholesale Parking System is a Miami based company specializing in the distribution & export of ALL types of Security Equipment. This includes Gate Operators, Access Control Equipment, Surveillance/CCTV Equipment, Cable / Wire and our own brand of Magnetic Locks. With over 15,000 square feet of office/warehouse space, WPS distributes more than 3,000 security related products.

We represent the best brands in the industry at the best prices, guaranteed. Some of these include; Elite, Magnetic AutoControl, Eagle, DC Solutions, Nice, GTO, AWID, Securakey, TomSed, Linear, Garret, DoorKing, FAS Magnetic Locks, and Sentex. As important as it is to distribute quality products, we are equally committed to providing excellent customer service. Our goal is to be your one stop place to shop for all your Security & Access Control Equipment. Feel free to call us for a quote, product information or technical support.

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Gatemotors.net is a one stop source for all your gate operator and access control needs. We stock all of the best brands and offer excellent customer service and prices. You may contact us regarding your specific application and we will integrate a system for you and prepare an itemized quote at $0 charge. No job application is too big or small and all customers are treated with care and devotion.


MagneticLocks.net is a Florida based manufacturer / distributor / exporter of quality magnetic locks and other locking devices (since 2002). We stock a full line of electromagnetic locks for all types of doors, vehicular gates and pedestrian gates. Our models are designed to secure any type of door or gate that closes against a fixed stop. All of our locks components are carefully designed, manufactured and tested to ensure superior quality. Our models are loaded with a variety of great features including built in buzzer, built in key switch, time delay, door monitoring, and weather resistant.


RemoteControlTransmitters.com offers a large selection of remote control transmitters, garage door clickers, reveivers, digital keypads and more at the lowest prices around. Volume discount available instantly by purchasing online.


MeCCTV.com Offers a wide variety of high quality CCTV / Surveillance equipment including cctv cameras, DVR's, cctv IR equipment, cctv monitors, cctv signs and other cctv accessories. We have been serving the US and international markets since 1996 with wholesale security equipment including parking systems, gate operators, access control equipment and electric locks. Our experience in the field has allowed us to effectively assist our customers in choosing the correct system while consistently placing customer care high among our list of priorities. This includes offering competitive prices and delivering high quality equipment on all orders both big and small.

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